St. DavidUnified School District #21

Transportation Department

Our Transportation Department is committed to the safety of each and every child we transport. Our students' safety requires shared cooperation and responsible actions by the bus driver, students, and their parents. We rely on all of the students, supported by their parents or guardians, to follow procedures that contribute to the safety of everyone on the bus. As always, safety is our number one consideration as we establish bus routes and provide student transportation. We require all students and parents of students who will ride the bus to complete the bus rules agreement.

The department supports all district transportation needs, including special needs transportation, accommodating all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs, and providing vehicles for employees to attend workshops and conferences.

Student Transportation Notices

Wednesday, May 15: Half Day - Buses leave at 12:30 p.m.

Thursday, May 16: Last Day of School and Early Release - Buses leave at 10:30 a.m.

  • For our half-day and early-release day, we are using the same bus stops as we do on our regular 3:30 p.m. afternoon route schedules. Please understand that we will have all grade levels on each bus, so there might be some variation in stop times. You may reference our normal bus route schedule and take off three hours for Wednesday and five hours for Thursday for your estimated student drop-off time.

Tuesday, May 7 and Tuesday, May 14

  • We will combine routes Tuesday, May 7 for the 3:30 routes. We are also using the alternative route schedule Tuesday, May 14 for all morning and afternoon routes.

San Pedro Bridge Construction November 2022–Summer 2024

On Monday, November 28 lane restrictions will begin for the ADOT Highway 80 San Pedro bridge replacement project in St. David. Please be prepared for traffic delays up to 15 minutes. This is going to impact all of our St. David/Benson bus schedules for the next year. Parents, please be at your stop on time and prepared to wait. Stay in touch with your driver for any other changes.

Please note that the work on this project is expected to continue to the summer of 2024.

Bus Driver Wanted

Bus Driver wanted flyer

St. David Unified School District #21 is looking for a bus driver for the 2023–2024 school year. We need someone who is attentive, patient, and enjoys children and teens to safely transport our students to and from school and extracurricular events. Supplement your income. Pay starts at $15.50 per hour. Please see the Bus Driver Wanted flyer for all the details.

    Bus Rules

    The following are the bus rules:

    1. Passengers must face forward and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
    2. Please keep the bus aisle clear by placing books, parcels, backpacks, and musical instruments on your lap.
    3. Loud talking, screaming, whistling, and unnecessary movement could distract the driver and create an unsafe condition; therefore, we ask that all students speak in a normal tone of voice.
    4. We will not permit or tolerate vulgar or profane language.
    5. When stopped for railroad tracks, we ask students to be quiet so the driver can listen for the sound of approaching trains.
    6. Please do not change seats. Stay in the first seat you select.
    7. Keep your arms, head, and other parts of the body inside the bus.
    8. Do not throw objects (caps, balls, pencils, etc.) inside or out of the bus.
    9. Chewing gum, drinking sodas, or eating food or candy could become a choking problem; therefore, we do not permitted it on the bus.
    10. Do not mark, cut, or scratch any part of the bus.
    11. Students are to use the emergency door and exit controls only during supervised drills or actual emergencies.
    12. The bus driver has the right to make additional rules or specific seating assignments.

    Transportation Staff

    Randy Crum

    Bernie Gamez

    Roy Jones

    Ben Jones

    Ricquelle Wilson
    Transportation Director