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Curriculum and Instruction

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards logoOur Curriculum and Instruction Department is dedicated to providing a full complement of educational resources to staff and students. Our goal is to ensure that all students reach their maximum educational potential. We invite you to use the resources listed below, and check this page often for updates.

AzMERIT Parent and Student Information

AzMERIT is the new assessment for the State of Arizona, taking the place of AIMS. All district students in grades three through eleven take this assessment. The assessment measures the students' learning based on the Arizona College and Career standards.

Test results were slow coming for the first administration. We anticipate that you will receive your student’s results early summer.

The new performance labels for AzMERIT are highly proficient, proficient, partially proficient, and minimally proficient. Arizona teachers set the cut-off scores for each level. Please feel free to view additional AzMERIT information.

Students who take AzMERIT may receive scores that appear to be lower than they were on AIMS. Please remember that these two tests are very different and should not be compared. The decrease is not a reflection of a students' learning or quality of their education. When we received the new standards and assessment, we redefined the expectations. We fully anticipate that these scores will improve over time.These scores set a base level, and in partnership between parents and teachers, our students will be able to meet these higher or more rigorous expectations. 

We invite you to view the short video "Understanding AzMERIT" and review the helpful links.

Curriculum Director

Dr. Arleen Kennedy
Superintendent / Curriculum Director
(520) 720.4781