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District Text Messages

The district is continually looking for a way to improve our communication with families. One component of our communication plan is text messaging. To receive these text updates or emergency information sent out we must have your cell phone number on file, and you must authorize us to send text messages. This is an opt-in service. Parents must opt-in because there are a few cell phone services in which text messaging is limited and or there is a fee associated to receive and send texts.

If you have not received a text from the school within the past two weeks either your phone has not been authorized, or we do not have the proper cell number on file. If you have not been receiving text messages and you have completed, the opt-in procedures, please contact Kathy Wood by e-mail

We encourage all parents to opt-in to this service, as it is the quickest way to receive the updates, reminders, and information in the event there is an emergency. To opt-in please text ALERT to 22300.

Parent Advisory Committee

St. David administration would like to hear from you and invite parents to participate in an advisory committee. These meetings will provide an opportunity to express any concerns that you may have and to help identify solutions. Our next meeting will be January 10 at 5:00 p.m. in the conference room.

Wellness Policy Assessment

St. David Unified School District has a Wellness Policy Assessment Tool. We encourage you to check it out on our Health Services page.

Preschool Screenings

St. David Preschool provides services to children ages three to five who may have communication, cognitive, social/emotional, motor, or adaptive delays. If you have any concerns about your child, or any child that may reside in the district, please contact the school, (extension 139 or 140), for a free screening. See our Preschool Child Find Screenings flyer for dates, times, and locations.


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